Loop Head Yoga

on the Wild Atlantic Way



Silent Retreats at Purecamping

‘Samhain’ Silent Retreat (November 26th 2016)

‘Imbolg’ Silent Retreat (February 18th 2017)

Loop Head Yoga Meditation and Thalassotherapy Retreat (September 15th – 17th)

Santosa 3-Day Yoga Camp (Sat July 1st – Mon July 3rd (inclusive) 2017 )
Santosa Yoga Camp

Join us this year for our sixth Santosa yoga camp at our eco-campsite, located in the West of Ireland along the wild and rugged coastline of the Loop Head Peninsula.

Mother and girl’s ‘Bealtaine’ weekend (May 2018)
Women and Girls Yoga weekend

Mother and girl’s weekend normally held in May but … Apologies yoginis, we will be finalising our renovations here and will not be open until June.

Yoga for Irish girls and women, mothers and daughters, aunties and nieces, grandmothers and granddaughters, godmothers and goddaughters, or just the women and girls of your friends and community.
Yoga, Music, Poetry, Crafting, Cartwheels, Conversation and Play. Suita
ble for girls from 6 up to 106.

We will be exploring our true natures as women and girls and see how society influences that nature. We will look at how we can use our strengths to establish a firm path in life.

Family Yoga Morning (No date yet … sorry)

Join us for some light hearted fun in our Bó-theach (pronounced bow-hawk). Includes partner yoga,  Yoga Nidra and Labyrinth walk.