Loop Head Yoga

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Loop Head Mindfulness Wellness retreat
Loop Head Mindfulness Wellness retreat

Loop Head Yoga Wellness Retreat

We are delighted to be hosting a new event this year on the Loop Head Peninsula.

It is a retreat hosted by Trea from Purecamping, Kevin Copeland from Clare Tai Chai, Eileen from Kilkee Thalassotherapy Centre and Keith from Kilkee Hostel. Hilary Gleeson a nutrition expert will be delivering the mindful eating talk on the Saturday night.

Why don’t you treat yourself when the kids settle back to school?

The change of season is always a good time traditionally to make new resolves, to make changes in your life. This is the concept of Sankalpa in Yoga. Visualise where you would like to be and put practices in place to get there.

Take a look here for more information and on HOW TO BOOK.

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